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BALLOONS: magical gifts made without going to the north pole

It's a bird it's a plane it's a BALLOON being made!


Are we faster than a speeding bullet? Nah, but we can balloon a basic dog in about 30 seconds, and the average croud pleasing, favorite, multiple balloon design only takes about 3 minutes. The more complicated designs (with about 8 balloons in it) take about five minutes. So whether you want to give a simple gift to one hundred kids in only an hour, or you are trying to impress an audience of one, we can make the balloons that suit your requirements. 

I like pop! Pop corn, pop tarts, pop cycles, but what about my balloons?


Our balloons are made from the highest quality latex. They rarely pop by accident but there are tricks to keeping them longer:

1. Keep of the ground. On the ground there are more sharp objects than we can shake a stick at, including the stick. All balloons can be made into something wearable if you are concerned that you can't carry it. 

2. Balloons don't like the heat, so treat them like your own baby and keep them out of the hot cars and anything above 28 degrees celcius. 

3. Keep it off track of children. Just kidding, kids love balloons, but popped balloons can be a choking hazard to infants so please supervise little ones and if it pops take it away. We are not responsible for infants with balloons so please use at your own risk. 

Can you really make ANYTHING out of balloons?


No, I've never made a working jet engine out of balloons, but I have made an imagination powered jet pack, and imagination is limitless when balloons are involved! 

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You can find us at our public events Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at the St. JACOBS market, Sundays at the Pinery market, Grand Bend or Tuesday evenings 5:30- 7:30 at Ye's Sushi Waterloo. 

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"Wow, you make the most amazing balloons I have ever seen! " says almost everyone who asks for almost anything.  😂

Balloons: when you can't book a flight to the north pole, we bring the toy workshop to you!