Get a FREE magic show when you book a face paint and balloon birthday party. **



Coming soon!

To wherever you book us 😉 live in a living room near you! 


Our magic shows are designed to amaze, amuse and amize. What is amize you ask? Well, in the words of my beloved departed friend Barney "Can you keep a secret?"... 

"so can I" 😉 

Visual, interactive, comedic shows for all ages. All clean appropriate humour, works through language gaps. 

How big and long are our shows?

There's a reason why clowns where big shoes- they contain our big personalities. Shows can fill a left over time slot or be the main event. It can be one on one pocket magic or a huge stage show. Any size any amount of time. Discuss this with your booking agent. 

Free show?

Book our head clowns for the recommended amount of time for your group for face paint and balloons, and if we finish them early, (like less kids show up or not everyone wants something elaborate etc.), we will fill the rest of the time with magic at no extra charge. Ask us for details when booking. 

Real testimonials

"You girls are absolutely amazing!" 

- our mom

"you're the best!" 

- Tim's mom

"you're so cute" 

-Pink's husband