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Welcome to HappySpace Arts & Entertainment Inc. in Waterloo

Who are these clowns?

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Make your event the talk of the town with HappySpace's exciting cast of characters.

Do the kids in your life have a celebrity they just can't wait to meet? Our roster is always adapting to today's most exciting friends, so call us today for your favourite character's availability. We have characters for any type of family event, from clowns to super heros and princesses to Santa, and everyone in between. We are all excited to meet you too!  

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Did you know entertainment doesn't have to cost a nose and a foot?

We have rolled back our prices to 2010 because online booking has made our costs go down, and we are passing the savings along to you. Booking an entertainer has never been more affordable, but we did not cut costs where it matters. We still offer the same high quality entertainment with the best face paint and balloons for your families safety and enjoyment! And we still offer our guaranteed smiles, because if they're not smiling, we'll paint a smile on them!


Act now and we'll throw in your aunt Fred's pedicure! ( totally valid if you have an aunt Fred)

Ok so you may not have an aunt Fred, and we don't like to rush you into a decision, because we aren't selling vaccuums in 1962 , but you are booking actual people and there is only one of each of us at a time, and most people all have the same date in mind when thinking of great party timing, so we recommend that as soon as you get the idea to book us, call your other decision makers and don't wait too long, because we actually need some time to organize our schedules enough to get you what and who you want most. 

Where do we go and what do we do?

See us live at the following places


Our public face paint and balloon times are as follows : 

St. Jacob's farmers market. (beside the petting zoo and pony rides) 

Tuesday : 8 am - 3 pm

Thursday : 7 am - 3:30 pm

Saturday : 7 am - 3:30 pm

Pinery market - Grand Bend

Sundays : 9 am- 4pm

Ye's Sushi Waterloo

Tuesday 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Ye's is indoor and we will be there all year long at the above time. Face paint and / or balloons is free to all guests staying to eat. 

All other dates / times are subject to weather and will be available for $2 for a single balloon, $5 for a multi balloon creation, cheek Art or small tattoo, and $10 for a full face or sleeve tattoo. 

Hope to see you all there

What other activities do you do?


Our most popular activities are face painting, balloon art, magic, games, caricatures, and crafts and build a bear. We have recently added henna tattoos, and have revamped our little miss spa packages for even more exciting nail painting, hair up dos, make up, glitter tattoos, henna, and more. 

How much do you charge?


Our current regular local hourly rate is $150 per entertainer per hour in character, or $125 per artist per hour not in character. 

This rate includes all activities and all supplies * excluding build a bear. 

Entertainers and artists will do other activities when they finished what they are booked for if booked time remains when they are done. For example, if you book face painting for an hour for 15 kids but only 10 kids come, the entertainer might be finished earlier than the hour and so may switch to balloons or tattoos with the remaining time

Time to book your spot for Christmas!

It's not too early and usually not too late to book our elves and Santa for your family company Chri

We offer all things Christmas entertainment! Along with our very popular face/arm paint, balloons and magic, we offer Caroling Santa, elves, Santa's teddy bear building workshop, wrapped gifts for all budgets, carols, Christmas cookie decorating, card/ ornaments crafts, henna tattoos, inflatable Christmas decor, games, caricatures and more. Ask us to custom design a party to meet your guest list and budget. 

How far do you travel?


All travel within a half hour drive of Waterloo is included in our rates. 

Travel outside of this area may result in a travel charge per entertainer. 

If you are booking any where from 30 to 45 minutes away from Waterloo (gps from Waterloo city Centre) the charge will be $25. From 45 minutes to an hour, the charge will be $50. From an hour to an hour and 15 the charge will be $75. 

If you are booking more than one hour, travel charges may be waived based on distance VS. Time. For every hour you book, an extra 15 mins of driving per entertainer may be waived. Some entertainers cannot waive travel on very busy prime time days. This travel fee guide line is intended to be a guide but an official quote based on the actual booking  of make exceptions. 

Ask for quote

No silly questions - just good policies


There are no such thing as silly questions, so ask us anything! 

Our contracts and policies are in place from over 26 years of experience to make sure that we are all on the same page and that the expectations of both sides are managed. 

1. Our costumes are made for room temperature, if you want us outside, please discuss ahead of time. Shelter must be provided. If it is not available, we can bring shelter for an extra charge. 

2. We ask the our host provides, water, a table and two chairs for each entertainer who is face painting, or just a table for all other entertainers. Large tables can be shared. If this is a challenge please discuss options with your booking agent. 

3. Please provide a parking spot closest to where we will set up. We carry heavy equipment and wear character footwear, so if close parking can not be arranged please discuss options with booking agent. 

4. Timing - Because we travel from place to place, road closure, storms, and construction etc can delay our start times. We always aim to start on time, and nearly always do, but if we cannot, then we begin when we arrive and still give you the amount of time you have booked adjusting a new end time to accommodate. To minimize issues, we recommend having us come in the middle of the party, not at the end. This also allows for adjustment in any delays during the party like if an extra kid comes. We do need to stay on schedule as much as possible to accommodate each booking so we ask that payments are made upon booking and that no one blocks the entertainer in the driveway, good directions are given if in a new subdivision, your cell phone remains on in case of alternate instruction required etc. 

5. We request your payment by email money transfer, if this cannot be done, please discuss options with your booking agent. Please do not pay until you receive your booking agreement, then pay the full amount, to our booking email. HST is applicable to all sales in Ontario. Your bank will automatically notify you when we accept the payment. Our acceptance confirms your booking. No other notification needs to be given. If we cannot confirm your party we will not accept the payment. If we do confirm, your booking is firm and is non-refundable. If you need to cancel, you may contact us no later than 2 business days before the event, and we may choose to hold the payment for you for a future booking, based on future availability. We reserve the right to not hold the payment if we are not notified two business days prior, but we are kind people, and our reputation is built on happy customers, so we will always do our best to be reasonable where we can afford to be. If your entertainer is unable (serious illness etc.) to keep their booking, their understudy will be provided seamlessly. If a situation should arise where no understudy can be provided (like a zombie appocoypse) then the payment would be returned. 

6. Please notify your booking agent, preferably before booking, if any of your participants have severe special needs including language burriers, autism, non verbal etc. Some needs require certain designations that some entertainers cannot accommodate, but that can easily be accommodated by our trained head clown with a few adjustments. 

7. Have fun and leave it to us. After 26 years I don't believe there will be any circumstances that we cannot easily and effortlessly manage, so relax and allow us to do what we do. The kids will be happy because we are happy. ❤️ Thank you for allowing us to put the fun in your function. 

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We can't wait to put the fun in your function!

We are happy to travel to your happy space almost anywhere. (Travel charges apply for longer distances) 

HappySpace Arts & Entertainment Inc.

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Our office hours are around our field bookings, and we do not answer our phones during events, so email is always the best way to reach us.