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We have characters, balloon art, face painting, magic, and more!!

Who are these clowns?

Make your event the talk of the town with HappySpace's exciting cast of characters.

Do the kids in your life have a celebrity they just can't wait to meet? Our roster is always adapting to today's most exciting friends, so call us today for your favourite character's availability. We have characters for any type of family event, from clowns to super heros and princesses to Santa, and everyone in between. We are all excited to meet you too!  

Did you know entertainment doesn't have to cost a nose and a foot?

We have rolled back our prices to 2010 because online booking has made our costs go down, and we are passing the savings along to you. Booking an entertainer has never been more affordable, but we did not cut costs where it matters. We still offer the same high quality entertainment with the best face paint and balloons for your families safety and enjoyment! And we still offer our guaranteed smiles, because if they're not smiling, we'll paint a smile on them!

Act now and we'll throw in your aunt Fred's pedicure! ( totally valid if you have an aunt Fred)

Ok so you may not have an aunt Fred, and we don't like to rush you into a decision, because we aren't selling vaccuums in 1962 , but you are booking actual people and there is only one of each of us at a time, and most people all have the same date in mind when thinking of great party timing, so we recommend that as soon as you get the idea to book us, call your other decision makers and don't wait too long, because we actually need some time to organize our schedules enough to get you what and who you want most. 


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HappySpace Arts & Entertainment Inc.

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Our office hours are around our field bookings, and we do not answer our phones during events, so email is always the best way to reach us.